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Bangi Haze Regular Seeds
Congo X Nepalese Almost 100% Sativa..

Double Thai Regular Seeds
Koh Chang Thai x Meo Thai F3 Semi Stabilized Hybrid 100% Authentic Thai..

Erdpurt Regular Seeds
Erdbeer x Purpurea Ticinensis Fresh roast coffee and strawberry\blackberry pie smoke fragrances...

Golden Tiger Regular Seeds
Malawi x Meao Thai Overpowering psychedelic sativa effect..

Green Haze Regular Seeds
Stabilized Hybrid Selection of the Green Haze Phenotypes ..

Green Haze x Thai Regular Seeds
Green Haze x Meao Thai Old school sativa flavour...

Guatemala Regular Seeds
Pure Sativa from jungles of Guatemala..

Guawi Feminised Seeds
Malawi x Tikal 4 LIMITED EDITION Very powerful, long-lasting and therapeutic effect...

Nepal Haze Regular Seeds
Highland Nepalese x Green Haze Pleasant, clean and stimulating..

Nepalese Jam Regular Seeds
Nepalese highland x Jamaica '85 Highly resistant to cold climates..

Oldtimer's Haze Regular Seeds
Hybrid of different tropical sativas: Mexican, Purple Highland Colombian, Southern Indian (Kerala) a..