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AK Automatic Feminised Seeds
Lowryder x AK Christmas tree-like auto-flowering strain..

BC Diesel Feminised Seeds
Jack Herer x NY Diesel Diesel taste and smell..

CR+ Feminised Seeds
Critical Mass x AK47 Blimburn's highest producing strain..

Critical Automatic Feminised Seeds
Lowryder x Critical Effect: Relaxing/ Good flavour...

Dama Blanca Feminised Seeds
White Widow x White Widow Fruity taste and smell..

Guanabana Feminised Seeds
Amnesia Haze x Widow Quick-flowering sativa..

Mamba Negra Feminised Seeds
Critical mass x Skunk Large producing strain, good resistance to mould..

Mango Feminised Seeds
Somango x Critical47 Goes purple outside in colder climates..

Narkosis Feminised Seeds
Critical x Somango Indica variety with fruity flavor..

Orient Automatic Feminised Seeds
Lowryder x Afghan Afghani tasting/smelling auto-flowering strain..

Original Clon Feminised Seeds
Skunk x Afghani Sativa in appearance but with fast indica flowering..

Orka Feminised Seeds
Haze x White Widow Potent strain with intense effect..

Santa Muerte Feminised Seeds
Mexicana x Original Haze Produces a strong cerebral effect..

Silversurfer Haze Feminised Seeds
Haze x Skunk x Northern light Potent hybrid..