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Black Water Regular Seeds
Mendo Purps x SFV OG Kush F3 Deep Purple OG Kush..

Chem 3 OG Regular Seeds
Chem#3 x SFV OGK F4 Cross between Chemdawg hybrid and ultimate OG..

Chem 4 OG Regular Seeds
Chem#4 x SFV OGK F4 Large yielding OG Kush hybrid..

Chem Valley Kush Regular Seeds
Chem D x SFV OGK V.II Marijuana hybrid from 2 of the strongest cannabis strains on earth..

Corleone Kush Regular Seeds
Pre98 Bubba x SFV OGK F4 Lemon incense with heavy Indica stone..

Dead Head OG Regular Seeds
'91 Chemdawg (Skunk Va) x SFV OGK F4 Original '91 Chemdawg (skunk va) x SFV OGK F4..

Deadhead OG Feminised Seeds - 6
'91 Chemdawg(skunk va) X SFV OGK F4 New Strain..

Jedi Kush Regular Seeds
Death-Star x SFV OGK F5 The Jedi Kush is a cross of the legendary Death-Star, clone-only strain born..

Julius Cesar Regular Seeds
Master Kush x SFV OGK F3 It's a Kushfest! Master Kush x OG Kush hybrid...

Larry OG Regular Seeds
SFV OGK F3 x Larry Solid lemon full stinky sticky buds..

Original Sour Diesel Regular Seeds
Great long lasting high with phenomenal medicinal properties...

Pre 98 Bubba BX2 Regular Seeds
Special Release for the 2010 Cannabis Cup. Smells and tastes like Chocolate Coffee hash oil...

Sour OG Regular Seeds -d
Original Sour Diesel x SFV OGK F4 Original Diesel Sour crossed with OG Kush..